25th Anniversary Community Project

Excitement for Artclectic is building, especially since we are commemorating the 25th Anniversary! We are excited to be partnering with Poverty and the Arts (POVA), a local nonprofit organization which provides art supplies and resources to people who have been impacted by homelessness. POVA’s Artist Collective Program equips people impacted by homelessness with the artistic resources, training and marketplace to gain financial independence and overcome barriers to employment by leveraging their creative talent to earn meaningful and legal income. POVA is curating space at Artclectic and their artists’ works will be available to all of our Artclectic shoppers.

In anticipation of World Homeless Day on October 11, the Artclectic Community Project committee has produced a webinar to provide more information about this worthy organization and its mission to end homelessness and the stigma associated with being unsheltered. The webinar is available to all families through this link.

We are sponsoring a school-wide drive and donation of art supplies for POVA. Students and families are invited to donate art supplies and workshop items from this POVA WISH LIST in support of POVA and their artists.

Additionally, families may contribute to a specific monetary fund or purchase items from Amazon through these links:

Monetary donations can also be made through Paypal or Kindful, or checks can be written to Poverty and the Arts and mailed to 1207 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN  37207.