Artclectic 2022
October 20 - 22

The Artclectic 2022 application process closed on April 20.  Participating artists will be announced this summer.

The Artclectic 2021 sales period has ended. Thanks to all of the artists for participating and all of our visitors for making this such a lively weekend.

Did you see something you liked, but didn’t buy? Reach out to the artist through the envelope icon on that artist’s profile page.



About Us
Artclectic Celebrates Artists

Artclectic lives up to its name with a diverse assortment of artists highlighting a rich mix of media, unique in style and price. From California to South Carolina and throughout the country, artists will gather both in person and virtually to share with you their best work.

Most importantly, your participation supports innovative teaching by providing funds for our extraordinary teachers to attend workshops, explore new ways of teaching, and bring back innovative and visionary ideas to share with our students and our community.


2021 Events
Shop and Celebrate

Artclectic 2021 provides many opportunities — both virtually and in person —  to gather and celebrate our 25 years. Interact with artists and friends and shop at your leisure. Spend the weekend with us and support our fabulous artists and innovative teaching.

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