Artclectic 2024
October 17-19

Artclectic is a vibrant celebration of art and community at University School of Nashville! This annual fundraiser embodies our commitment to creativity, outreach, and support of our dedicated faculty. Throughout multiple nights of events, we welcome our diverse community of neighbors, friends, parents, students, and alumni to join in the festivities. From art appreciation to volunteerism, Artclectic offers something for everyone to enjoy.

“I love the chic style of the gallery! The way the pegboard is hung, the way the lighting is done, the way the entire room is enveloped in black…it really lets the art stand out,” says artist Gina Julian. 

Proceeds from Artclectic support innovative teaching by providing funds for our extraordinary teachers to attend workshops, explore new ways of teaching, and bring back innovative and visionary ideas to share with our students and our community.

Chairs Tara Goldberg, Grace Hu and Felicia Tibbs invite you to experience every aspect that makes Artclectic such a treasured event.


2024 Featured Artist
Melissa Ellen Hood

Melissa Ellen Hood is our Artclectic 2024 Featured Artist. She is a self-taught mixed-media artist who combines cut paper collage, acrylic paint and ink to create meticulously composed pieces that serve as a nuanced exploration of the familiar, illuminating past experiences and offering new perspectives within those layers of paper or paint.

“I actively explore the diverse realm of shared history and modern culture with a focus on unique materials,” shares Melissa. “My artistic endeavors reflect a seasoned celebration of nostalgia, skillfully interweaving old memories with fresh curiosity.”

2024 Artists
Showcasing Artists

“I most loved connecting with the audience, hearing what piece they connect with, what emotions arise as they observe the work. I saw that some pieces immediately stood out to some viewers and drew them in right away, which was such an intriguing experience for me to witness.” – artist Wee Ng

Artclectic lives up to its name with a diverse assortment of artists highlighting a rich mix of media, unique in style and price. From California to the Carolinas and throughout the country, artists will gather to share with you their best work.

2024 Events
Shop and Celebrate

Artclectic provides many opportunities to gather and celebrate our 28 years. Interact with artists and friends and shop at your leisure. Evening events include the Patrons Party and ARTbash. Saturday’s Discovery Day is filled with family activities. Spend the weekend with us and support our fabulous artists and innovative teaching.

“I love the fantastic and engaged crowd of art enthusiasts. Along with the even more engaged crowd of Education Day with the students! Oh, and my sweet tooth does like those little deserts finding their way to my taste buds.” artist RAISA

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