Our Story

As a volunteer and parent first attending Artclectic years ago, I remember being truly astounded by how the gym was completely transformed into a professional-looking gallery, with such a variety of art displayed. As an artist, it is even more impressive seeing it at all stages of the transformation. Artclectic also sets itself apart with its balanced variety of established and emerging fine artists.

– Sarah Clinton, participating artist, USN parent ’24

With a solid reputation for showcasing both established and emerging artists, Artclectic lives up to its name with a diverse assortment of juried exhibitors. This annual fundraiser has evolved into a nationally respected art show highlighting a rich mix of media, unique in style and price.

In addition to hosting visitors in our Artclectic Gallery, we provide valuable art education for students. Most importantly, Artclectic supports innovative teaching by providing funds for our extraordinary teachers to attend workshops, explore new ways of teaching, and bring back innovative and visionary ideas to share with our students and our community.

We hope you will be part of this very festive event that is uniquely Artclectic.

“I have always loved Artclectic! My mother was one of the original founders of this fundraiser when I was in lower school at USN. I’m so proud to have been a part of the Artclectic family for so many years. I appreciate the opportunity to support the school that poured into me, taught me to be a lifelong learner and creative problem solver. USN helped empower me to believe in myself and gave me the skills and confidence to pursue a career as an artistic entrepreneur.”

— Mclaine Richardson of Margaret Ellis Jewelry, participating artist, USN Alumna ’04


    McLean Barbieri

    Melanie Block

    Susan Brown

    Frannie Corzine

    Luci Crow

    Loren Elliott

    Marcy Eskind

    Lori Fishel

    Tory Fitzgibbon

    Carrington Fox

    Elizabeth Fox

    Dara Freiberg

    Ann Fundis

    Danielle Gilbert

    Donna Gilliam

    Angie Howard

    Erica Jacobs

    Nancy Jacobs

    Susan Kistler

    Ann Kloeppel

    Kelly Linton

    Loraine Lippolis

    Amy Manoukian

    Brooks Mathews

    Lee Ann Merrick

    Chris Murdock

    Ursula Norris

    Arnita Ozgener

    Libby Page

    Ingrid Perdikis

    Kobie Pretorius

    Robinson Regen

    Kim Sandler Rhodes

    Susie Ries

    Michelle Rosen

    Jessie Rosenblum

    Ginger Sands

    Ann Shayne

    Caroline Shockley

    Cameron Simmons

    Dana Strupp

    Molly Upchurch